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Using a space in its greater capacity with regards to function, safety and aesthetics is INTERIORS. The division’s foundation has been built on creative, recognizable custom design solutions, which successfully combines its beauty and function. Supported by talented staff that has an educated understanding of designs and decorations, we have the ability to create attractive,

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Supply & installation Smoke detectors & Heat Detectors, Emergency lights and exit lights, CO2extinguisher, Fire pump set, sprinkler system and FM 200, Central battery system, Voice evacuation system, low current & deluge system, wet rising pipe etc

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We Undertake Design, Supply & Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Central Air Conditioning Systems including Chillers, District cooling, Fan Coil Units, Air Handling Units, Ducted Split units and Roof Top Package units. We manufacture all types of G.I Ducting, Pre- insulated Ducting, PIR ducting, Aluminum Cladding etc., Copper Refrigerant piping for DX units& MS piping

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Our highly skilled plumber’s team are experienced in home and commercial plumbing, with excellent knowledge of kitchen plumbing, bathroom plumbing, and radiator installation.

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We Undertake Designing, Supply, Installation Testing and Commissioning of Electrical works including domestic and industrial HV / LV panel installation, underground and over cable, HVcable lying, panels, Electrical Equipment, DB Dressing, Three pole Isolator wiring, Transformers Feeder, Pillars Pump, Control Panels, Motor Control Centre, Lighting, Control Panels, DB, GIconduits for low current systems, Electrical Wiring,

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We undertake civil works for Residential and Commercial Buildings, Villas, Factories, Warehouses,shopping malls, Labor Accommodation, Schools and Hospitals. We are confident to undertake any kind of project and have the capacity to execute the complete construction works including Estimation, Tendering, Submittals, Approvals, Liaison and Nominating for Client, Consultants, and local authorities such as DEWA, Dubai

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