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Pools and Landscape


Every outdoor living space needs the innovative, premier swimming pool and landscaping design. It has to be glorious, unique and capable of inspiring anyone’s imagination.

Our swimming pool construction and design expertise is unrivalled in the UAE

Our construction project is outstanding and depends upon strong understanding and communication between our professional consultants. We always make sure that our customers get what they dream of. We take great pride in the portfolio of projects that we have delivered over the years.

Proper planning is important when undertaking any swimming pool construction project. Numerous considerations have to take place, whether that’s about the size, design, or depth of the pool.

Throughout the procedure, we will keep you informed so that the design is always in line with your desires. We aim to make our customers’ lives easier and use our decades of experience to give the most desirable outcome.

You can make an appointment with our consultants, and we will get to work on the plans for your dream pool. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries about improving your outdoor spaces. Our customer service agents will be glad to provide you the information you need. Keep in touch with us by visiting our contact page.

Concept Design

A great landscape starts with a great design. Let our designing professionals help you to transform your unique vision into a reality. It doesn't matter whether you choose granite concrete or any simple vinyl pool construction, our design and build team custom designs each pool, patio, and landscape to reflect your personal aesthetic preferences.

Take a look at some of the landscaping options that we offer for your landscape design & build project.

  • Featured Projects
  • Swimming Pools
  • Backyards
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Front Yard

Customers also have a list of luxury choices to choose from to improve the beauty of their backyard, including trendy cabanas, shade structures, water features and many more. Turn your backyard into the perfect space to have fun with the family or to host a get-together with friends.

We will work tirelessly to create the result that you desire. We showcase hundreds of designs of all sorts of outdoor living spaces that will take your breath away and present you with some great concepts for your design. We listen to your ideas and needs and see how everything will complement your outdoor space, home, and your personality.

Moreover, before construction you will get a proper layout of your work. Our team of highly qualified and experienced designers will work jointly with you to help with your requirements and budget.


Bring big dreams to life with a simple approach. We at Yalla pools have years of experience delivering a wide range of landscape design services and solutions to meet costumers need.

From beginning to implementation, our team of professional and creative landscape designers can develop inspired landscape architecture and garden designs. It doesn't matter whether it is residential or commercial, we will help you in every phase.

Landscapes are the natural ornaments of a property. But those landscapes can ruin the look if they are not well maintained. Therefore, it is very important to appoint a good Landscaper to create and take care of your lawn regularly.

The positive aura that plants bring to our premises is known to increase productivity at the workplace. We at Yalla P ols offer premium commercial and residential landscape services and strive to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. If you’re based in Dubai, you can easily connect with us with your landscaping queries and requirements.

We are a reputed company that deals with the construction of residential and commercial projects, landscape, irrigation, Landscape and Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance services in the United Arab Emirates. We are a name you can depend upon since we have completed lavish projects with panache in the cities of Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

Swimming pool

Our body is made of 78% of water. Being sunken in the water is the best way of rejuvenating yourself and if you add some normal exercise, it will be icing on the cake. We strongly believe in the quote “Health and wealth”. The idea of opening landscaping and swimming pool division is to add some value to life.

Our design, quick installation and post construction services make Yalla pools the most popular choice for those who’re planning to construct the swimming pool. If you’re based in UAE, you can easily connect with us with your pool requirements. We are a reputed company that deals with the construction of residential and commercial projects, landscape, irrigation, Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance services in the United Arab Emirates. Working in this sector for over three decades, we have clients all over the United Arab Emirates.

We specialize in delivering projects with quick, effective and economical solutions with little or no facility downtime. We provide all the needed and necessary materials for excellent swimming pool construction. The materials we provide are of high quality. We always offer our clients the best products which are tested and easy to use for swimming pool construction.

The various kinds of swimming pools that we construct include,

  • Private Swimming Pools.
  • Kids Swimming Pool.
  • Competition Or Training Swimming Pool.
  • Commercial Or Public Swimming Pool.
  • Ocean Swimming Pool.
  • Exercise/Lap Swimming Pool.
  • Hot Tubs.
  • Spa Pools.
  • Natural Ponds & Pools.


An adequate swimming pool is a treasure worth having. But, for you and your family to fully enjoy the pool, you need to keep it in good condition at all times. Maintaining your pool in good condition may not be possible without professional help, which is why you need the services of a good swimming pool service company to cater to the maintenance of your pool at home.

Swimming pools are the best means to relish and feel refreshed during the hot summers in Dubai. But, an unmaintained or dirty pool can lead to various illnesses and also ruin your experience. The best way to get your swimming pool cleaned is by hiring professional help. We provide the best swimming pool maintenance services in Dubai and promise to clean your swimming pool and make it free of any germs or dirt so that it remains in an impeccable condition.

We always use international standard equipment and chemicals that are eco-friendly or skin-friendly, we clean your swimming pool so that there are no possible traces of dirt and germs.

Several factors should always be kept in check for a healthy swimming pool.

  • Cleanliness of the pool water:

The pool water should be cleaned up on a daily and weekly basis which comprises six to eight hours in a week. Some of the steps which include in the daily basis are:

  • Removal of accumulated debris from the surface of the water.
  • Clean the skimmer baskets in the swimming phase of the year

On weekly basis, the cleaning procedures carried out are a little different like:

  • Testing of the water chemical balance.
  • Cleaning of walls and floors with scrubs and vacuum cleaners.
  • A balanced water chemistry

It is one of the very vital factors that should not at all be ignored, if ignored then it can have serious implications. The reasons to keep the swimming pool water ‘balanced’ are:


The pH level of the water needs to be correct for the chlorine to tablets to work in order to kill the harmful algae and bacteria. If not done, then the bacteria can lead to serious skin diseases and many
more amongst the swimmers of that pool.


The water should neither be too acidic nor basic; it should be neutral in its nature. Or else it can cause discomfort to the swimmers with irritation on skin as well as eyes.


An imbalanced pH of the swimming pool water can cause serious levels of corrosion to the ladders, handrails and the pumps that are inserted into the water for various purposes like cleaning and more.

It is quite apparent that the process of swimming pools’ maintenance is tedious for a common man to perform, but also inevitable as it impacts its health and comfort.

Yalla pools offers you the chance to get your swimming pools maintained in the most expert way that also remains within the budget. When it comes to Swimming Pool Maintenance and Landscaping Maintenance, we are the Top 10 Swimming Pool Companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have a proven track record of several Swimming Pool Construction in Dubai. Our experience in the field of Swimming Pool & Landscape works is winning projects for us. Call us or you may also write to us with your queries related to projects.