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Electro-Mechanical Work

Having gained considerable experience for over two decades, HAIFA ELECTROMECHANICAL LLC is the most preferred MEP contractors in this field. We provide a complete range of services for all Electrical and Mechanical equipment’s.

HVAC (Central Air Conditioning and Ventilation System) Division

We Undertake Design, Supply & Installation , Testing and Commissioning of Central Air Conditioning Systems including Chillers, District cooling, Fan Coil Units, Air Handling Units, Ducted Split units and Roof Top Package units. We manufacture all types of G.I Ducting, Pre-insulated Ducting, PIR ducting, Aluminum Cladding etc., Copper Refrigerant piping for DX units & MS piping for chilled water system. We Undertaking Annual Maintenance Contracts for Chillers, Fan Coils, FAHU’s, AHU’s, Chilled Water Pumps, Package Air Conditioners, DX Systems maintenance for Industrial, Residential, Commercial.

Electrical Division

We Undertake Designing, Supply, Installation Testing and Commissioning of Electrical works including domestic and industrial HV / LV panel installation, underground and over cable, HV cable lying, Panels, Electrical Equipment, DB Dressing, Three pole Isolator wiring, Transformers Feeder, Pillars Pump, Control Panels, Motor Control Centre , Lighting, Control Panels, DB ,GI conduits for low current systems, Electrical Wiring, Lighting points wiring ,Power point wiring , two and three rows Cable Laying, Cladding & Cable Terminations Tray and Trunking Cable trays ,Cable trunking, Isolator switches points ,fixing of Light fixtures and Switches sockets, Low Current systems and complete works as per Local regulatory Authority Specifications.

We Undertake small and turnkey jobs of villas, offices, and Residential, Industrial/Commercial building works, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Banks, Schools etc.

Plumbing Division and Fire Fighting

  • Supply and installation of drainage pipe work up to FIC (First Inspection Chamber)
  • Supply and installation of hot water supply line work
  • Supply and installation of Electric and Solar water heater
  • Supply and installation of Roof water tank
  • Supply and installation of water pumps
  • Supply of manhole covers
  • Supply and installation of water supply lines
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Supply & installation Smoke detectors & Heat Detectors, Emergency lights and exits light,co2 extinguisher, Fire pump set, sprinkler system and FM 200, Central battery system, Voice evacuation system, low current & deluge system, wet rising pipe etc